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Wood and vinyl are great options if you want to line your yard with a fence that is not only attractive but also functional. But for how long?

Vinyl has been shown to save time, but you can still harvest the look of wood. Have you ever considered a vinyl fence that looks like wood?

Let’s find out why vinyl wire fences are a better option than choosing a real wood fence designed to keep you concerned about the strength of your fence.

Vinyl Wood is easy to install

Installing a vinyl fence is a quintessential Saturday afternoon work for you. Preparation is limited and you do not need tools. Vinyl fencing will first be cut with everything you need for packing. You don’t need to spend any time digging around your garage to get extra nails like you do with wood.

The wood can come in handy as well, but you still need the right tools to handle the installation. That is why many people turn to professionals to install wooden fences. It is a challenge to deal with it alone.

Some handicrafts are required for vinyl. If you don’t feel ready, you can also have professionals handle the installation. But it will be cheaper because the process is too short. No additional cutting and scaling is required due to the vinyl springs and U-ports coming together like healthy building blocks.

Vinyl Wood Provides More Privacy

Vinyl wooden fences last a very long time. This firmness will help provide you with advanced Privacy from Neighbors and traffic passing through your home.

Vinyl wood phones have an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 26. This means that 98 percent of noise pollution will be prevented from entering and leaving your yard. There are also many vinyl privacy phone styles. The Ashland Simulated Wood Fence will bring out the beauty of the wood while providing the right privacy.

Real Wood Doesn’t Lasts Long in every weather

Property damage can cause serious headaches and lead to unexpected costs in the maintenance of your yard.

Avoid the cost of heavy maintenance with vinyl fencing – a wood-grain-fenced vinyl fence is guaranteed to withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour.

If the wood fence is not properly installed, you may find yourself picking up pieces around your yard after a storm. Frequent winds can also reshape the wood, which can lead to shifting or leaning on your neighbor’s yard.

Vinyl Wood Doesn’t Warp

Strong weather will make your wood prone to fighting. You can carry wood to make it look clean, but its strength will decrease over time.

Wood-grain vinyl is made to last longer and hold its shape. Its power comes from its evolution. It can grow in large amounts of sunlight, and then return to normal after cooling.

Under the same temperature fluctuations, the wood will start to crack and lose its strength.

Vinyl Is Cheaper in the Long Run

Vinyl fencing materials are very expensive at first.

The maintenance of your wooden fence is where the cost can go up significantly. If you want to keep your wooden fence in good condition, you will need to repair it every year. Before you know it, the cost of finishing and the hours you will take to protect your wood will catch up and exceed the initial cost of installing a vinyl fence.

On the other hand, vinyl fencing for wood grain requires less maintenance. The power wash here and there will need to maintain the look of real wood.

Best Vinyl Fencing in Orange County

The use of vinyl for home fences continues to be a popular choice because vinyl costs almost the same as wood or aluminum. However, vinyl is much more durable, lasting for a significantly longer period compared to other materials. It is also virtually maintenance-free and stays looking fresh and new even after years of use.

While installing a vinyl fence in Orange County has become increasingly popular over the years, not a lot of contractors are offering to build fences using high quality, sturdy material. Fewer still are capable of custom fabricating the exact design you want for your vinyl fence. Fortunately, Showtime Vinyl Fence and Patio Cover has been building custom fences since 1996 and can provide more than just the standard vinyl fence.

All of our products are maintenance-free, sturdy, economical, impervious to moisture, and leave you worry-free for many years to come.

Our vinyl fences are comprised of the top leading vinyl products distributed from the best manufacturers in the industry. And because we fabricate the vinyl fences at our shop, we can custom design any style you want.

Vinyl fences not only give your property a great look but they also keep your children and pets safe. If you are interested in vinyl fencing in Orange County, contact us today to schedule your free consultation! We can come to your home to give you a quote or you can come and check out examples of our work in our showroom. We are located in the heart of Orange County in Costa Mesa off the 55, 405, and 73 freeways.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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