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written by tyree

Vinyl Fence & Patio Covers in Orange County – Showtime Vinyl

Welcome to Showtime Vinyl – Orange County’s fastest growing Vinyl Fence & Patio Cover company!

Why Vinyl?

Architects, builders, and homeowners are overwhelmingly choosing vinyl over wood or aluminum for fencing, gates, railings, patio covers, and decks. Here’s why:

1. Maintenance-free.

Unlike wood, vinyl will never require you to repaint your fence, gate, railing, patio cover, and decks. Vinyl also won’t dent or chip like aluminum. To make it look brand new again, you simply have to hose it down with water once in a while. Your fence will look as good as new with very little effort on your part.

2. Safest for pets and children.

Wood can splinter and chip, causing splinters, cuts, and scrapes. Aluminum dents, which often creates very sharp edges that can cut children or animals. Vinyl won’t splinter, dent, or chip, so you will never have to worry about your children or pets getting splinters, cuts, or scrapes. It is by far the safest product available.

3. Durable. 

Vinyl products often come with a manufacturer’s warranty that warrants them for life. Very little can go wrong with the product so long as it is properly installed, and so long as the vinyl itself is quality vinyl. We only sell top quality vinyl made by the industry’s leading manufacturers, and we stand behind our professional installations with a Workmanship Guarantee, so you never have to worry about being on the hook for shoddy workmanship.

4. Strong. 

There may be a misperception out there that vinyl is not strong. That is true with cheap, low-quality vinyl. Quality vinyl, on the other hand, is extremely strong. Unlike wood and aluminum, vinyl has the ability to flex and bend without breaking, making it the perfect material for areas that are subject to high winds.

The beauty of vinyl fences and patio covers is obvious. If you’re concerned about quality, we will gladly show you vinyl samples to see and feel for yourself, answer all your questions thoroughly and honestly, and provide a free estimate of our work.

Our vinyl experts are professional, clean, and friendly. We work quickly and efficiently, treating your Orange County home as if it were our own.

Give us a call today to request your free estimate! (949) 791-8380