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Not everyone knows their state’s respective building codes by heart, but it never hurts to ask the authorities about them. A story on featured a woman from Connecticut who won a case against the local government over allegations that her new vinyl fence was against the state’s building codes. The woman needed to build a new fence after her old wood one was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy last 2012.

In Orange County, California, building codes include certain rules on installing new fences. Companies like Showtime Vinyl Fence often consider it part of their job to make sure that any Orange County vinyl fencing they install follows California Building Codes without bugging you about it. You, however, should consider it part of your job to make sure that your requirements and specifications for a new fence are reasonable and clearly understood.

Regardless of your fencing needs, California’s Codes for fence installation are themselves reasonable enough; state government isn’t even required to question you about your fence so long as it doesn’t exceed the height of six feet. However, California homes swimming pools deeper than 18 inches are required to have a self-latching fence that is at least 60 inches tall. That fence must also follow specific zoning regulations, such as the ones that the Connecticut woman were accused of breaching by installing a new fence system.

Luckily, your choices in fencing materials aren’t too limited in Orange County, except for needing to have a good fire resistance rating akin to vinyl. When properly treated, a vinyl fence will take a long time before it catches fire and will immediately stop burning as soon as the main source of the fire is thoroughly extinguished. The Connecticut woman even chose vinyl as the material for her new fence, most likely with this benefit in mind.

Vinyl is also very affordable and easy to install, although the exact quality of the material tends to vary from one manufacturer to another. You wouldn’t worry when you’re working with the likes of Showtime Vinyl Fence, however, because not only do we use reliable products, but we can also prefabricate each part of the fence according to your liking and purpose. With regard to the article from, the woman built her new fence high enough for security purposes, as well as to protect her daughter who was prone to sleep-walking.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that that woman had to pay over $1,000 to file her appeal. If you don’t want to go through the same experience, it may be best for you to review the California Building Code first. Do so before you make any plans for installing a brand new vinyl fence in Orange County.