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Patio covers are a great way to preserve your outdoor furniture in Orange County.

The Seattle Times featured an article on how owners can maintain their outdoor furniture on their patio. The weather has a way of ruining things, even if those things are made to be exposed to the elements. The article lists several tips on how homeowners can preserve their furniture:

“Ideally, it’s best to store any type of patio furniture — metal, plastic or wood — indoors during harsh weather. If that’s not possible, Blashaw recommends weatherproof covers, or at least some simple poly/vinyl tarps secured with straps or weighted down. ‘There are furniture covers of just about every shape and size available,’ he says, adding that the newest ones are waterproof and UV-treated for excellent protection. Measure your pieces before you buy covers to ensure the right fit. You can also ask for manufacturer guidelines that may help you choose the correct style.

Don’t forget fire pits and chimeneas. There are elasticized covers made for them, too, and it’s important to keep water from rusting their metal burners and grates. As for acrylic cushions and fabrics — even ones made for outdoor use — store them inside.”

It can be very tedious to bring patio furniture indoors every time it rains; besides, it’s difficult to always keep tabs on what’s going on with your patio furniture. Even sunny days, which are very common in Orange County, can destroy or discolor furniture through exposure to ultraviolet rays. Moreover, dust mixed with morning dew or fog can make patio furniture dingy and dirty in no time. Owners can provide protection for their chairs and tables without sacrificing their outdoor appeal by having patio covers in Orange County installed.

Patio covers function very much like roofs in that they provide shade; gazebos and arbors typically fill this role. They don’t just shield outdoor furniture from the weather; they also allow residents to sit outside and enjoy lazy rainy days without getting wet if they want to. If you want to have the option of having sunlight while you’re outside, you can opt to install retractable covers.

Preferably, patio covers should be part of the original construction plan from the very start to save homeowners from frustration; it can be difficult to add something to your home if your structures aren’t compatible. However, it’s still possible to incorporate these shades as later renovations. You’ll need the services of skilled local contractors like Showtime Vinyl in order to seamlessly integrate beneficial Orange County patio covers into an existing setup.

So, if you are ready to preserve your outdoor furniture in Orange County, contact Showtime Vinyl to view samples of our vinyl patio covers.