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We are often asked the question, “Is vinyl fencing better than wood?” The short answer is a resounding yes! Now let’s go back a bit and we’ll explain why.

People have fences erected to feel more secure. A fence has the power to intimidate malicious thieves and keep pests at bay – an ability that Orange County homeowners are most grateful for. It also provides privacy for your family and keeps your space intimate and comfortable.

At first glance, one might think that an intricate fence is difficult to make, but in reality, the builder only has to know the terrain well and gain access to quality fencing materials to create a seemingly impregnable structure.

Fence Materials – Vinyl, Wood, Concrete, Aluminum?

Fence building materials must be considered carefully before embarking on a fencing project. After all, the fence’s unique qualities will depend highly on the properties of each fence component. One highly durable fencing material that’s gaining traction in various parts of the country is – you guessed it, vinyl.

Vinyl fencing in Orange County is becoming a staple product offered by outdoor home structure providers like Showtime Vinyl because of its high resistance to forces of nature. High-quality vinyl can resist the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, thus making it ideal in sunny regions. It’s also super wind-resistant, moisture-resistant, and despite its incredible resilience against the elements, vinyl doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, which is really appreciated by busy homeowners.

Wood is porous and vulnerable to swelling and rotting from moisture. With prolonged sun exposure, it will fade and crack. And obviously wood can splinter, causing harm to pets and little ones. Aluminum dents easily, and often this denting can produce sharp edges that can also cut a child or pet that touches it.

Vinyl’s awesome qualities are not exclusive to fences. Since vinyl can also be a primary component of gates, it is possible to have durable gates that won’t come off their hinges with frequent usage. Meticulous homeowners will rejoice in the fact that the color of a vinyl gate hardly fades even when exposed to harsh weather, preserving the home’s appeal.

Don’t forget the building codes!

While it’s tempting to immediately begin fencing projects after materials have been bought and gathered, one should do so only after consulting local building code requirements. Chances are, officials won’t allow a fence to reach a certain width and height. This precautionary measure may not apply when installing vinyl gates in Orange County and other places, but it always pays to double-check.

Building a fence or gate will involve physically demanding activities like digging, lifting concrete, and implementing fence rails. However, each drop of sweat from the diligent homeowner will not be a waste as these home structures can last for a long time. Homeowners who are not into DIY, meanwhile, can always ask the help of fencing professionals like Showtime Vinyl, so there’s no reason to put fencing projects on hold!