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Here are the four most prominent environmental dangers that Showtime vinyl fencing can deflect, making it the best option for a weatherproof fence around your back yard.

Extreme Wind

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes are unavoidable if you live in some parts of America. But the one weather pattern that is consistent across the country is wind.

If your property sits on higher ground or in a valley, strong wind gusts are a part of life. You may be accustomed to the wind whipping around but your fence will take some damage.

If your fence posts aren’t installed properly, they will be vulnerable when the wind begins to swirl. In addition, if your posts aren’t deep enough in the ground, they can slowly shift and cause the rest of the fence to lean.

Showtime Vinyl Fence can withstand heavy gusts and strong winds.


Corrosion caused by rain is one of the most common dangers to any fence. Metal fences have a hard time keeping their shine throughout the years when rain is a factor in your climate.

Moisture is equally detrimental to wood. After time, it wears away wood fibers in a process called delignification which weakens wood fences.

Vinyl material gives you a naturally waterproof fence. There’s no need to spend money on costly stains and paint that you have to apply to a wood fence every spring.

Insect Infestation

Wood fences in warmer climates are a big target for insect infestations. Here Are Some Of The Most Common Insects that can damage your fence.

  • Termites
  • Wood-boring beetles
  • Carpenter ants

Termites love eating any type of wood. They either nest in the wood or underground, and are capable of spreading their colonies quickly.

Vinyl is a plastic material that doesn’t attract bugs. Humid conditions don’t soften vinyl like it does wood, making it weaker and easier for bugs to infiltrate.

Sun Exposure

Vinyl fences will thrive in temperatures as low as -40ºF and as high as 140ºF without losing shape or color. You can also leave the expensive finishes in the garage because of the strength of these maintenance-free vinyl fences.

What makes vinyl stronger and more adaptable to sunlight — or lack thereof — is that it’s not porous. Wood is made up of fibers that change shape and expand when moist and then retract into their original shape when dry. This cycle ultimately leaves wood fences brittle and weak.

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