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Many people have probably never even considered vinyl as a material option for their privacy fence installation. Everyone thinks of wood or iron when they think of fencing materials. Vinyl, as a fencing material, has many benefits and is an attractive and affording fencing option. It is not a new fencing material on the market. Vinyl fencing has been on the market for over 20 years and has recently increased in popularity among homeowners.

#1 Low Maintenance Vinyl requires very little maintenance and may be one of the very best reasons for using this fencing material. No more repainting or repairing wood or iron fences that are rusted, rotted, or faded! In fact, all you really need to do to maintain a vinyl fence is to wash it with soap and water.

#2 Durability Wood and iron fencing is attractive to many people because they think they are the only durable privacy fencing options available. Vinyl fencing is also very durable. An added plus that vinyl has that wood and iron do not is that it can withstand the elements and will not rust, rot, or fade. As long as it is clean, a vinyl fence will usually look brand new. Vinyl designs allow it to withstand extreme heat and weather conditions, so it is likely that a vinyl fence will last you for as long as you own your property.

#3 Attractiveness and Affordability Everyone agrees that many ornamental iron fences are beautiful, but they are also extremely expensive! If you want to upgrade your property without spending a fortune, vinyl fencing is an attractive and durable option. You can also purchase vinyl fencing for ornamental designs that add a very appealing touch to any landscape design.

Best Vinyl Fencing in Orange County

The use of vinyl for home fences continues to be a popular choice because vinyl costs almost the same as wood or aluminum. However, vinyl is much more durable, lasting for a significantly longer period compared to other materials. It is also virtually maintenance-free and stays looking fresh and new even after years of use.

While installing a vinyl fence in Orange County has become increasingly popular over the years, not a lot of contractors are offering to build fences using high quality, sturdy material. Fewer still are capable of custom fabricating the exact design you want for your vinyl fence. Fortunately, Showtime Vinyl Fence and Patio Cover has been building custom fences since 1996 and can provide more than just the standard vinyl fence.

All of our products are maintenance-free, sturdy, economical, impervious to moisture, and leave you worry-free for many years to come.

Our vinyl fences are comprised of the top leading vinyl products distributed from the best manufacturers in the industry. And because we fabricate the vinyl fences at our shop, we can custom design any style you want.

Vinyl fences not only give your property a great look but they also keep your children and pets safe. If you are interested in vinyl fencing in Orange County, contact us today to schedule your free consultation! We can come to your home to give you a quote or you can come and check out examples of our work in our showroom. We are located in the heart of Orange County in Costa Mesa off the 55, 405, and 73 freeways.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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